I'd like to share with you some of the Awards this page has recieved.


I've watched Lindy grow and blossom.
Hint! She can draw more than a straight line!

Ocean's Dreams

Ocean's Dreams Award. Recieved July 26th, 1998

Lindy's Award

Thank you Lindy. Recieved August 8th, 1998


Thank you Elinor. Recieved August 13th, 1998


Recieved August 17th, 1998. I'm so very honored to have recieved this award. Thank you Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns.


Recieved August 22nd, 1998. Thank you Xung!


Recieved August 23rd, 1998. Thank you Betty!

Heather & Fiona

Thank you Heather and Fiona!! Recieved August 25th, 1998


Recieved August 29th, 1998. Thank you Mikki!


Recieved August 30th, 1998. Thank you so very much!!

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